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Created at13 April 2023

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA) is an organization of news agency that continues its activities within Üsküdar University that provides education in the fields of Behavioral Sciences, Health and Engineering and that is Türkiye’s first and only thematic university in these fields.

ÜNA provides instant written and photographic news production along with its staffed personnel under the roof of Department of Corporate Communication, which dozens of future’s journalist candidates who study in the Faculty of Communication have the opportunity of application and practice. 

ÜNA carries out special news on the country and world agenda apart from the agenda of the university and ÜNA has also NPİSTANBUL Hospital, which is a health institution serving in all branches especially psychiatry, psychology and neurology to its counselees and is also application and science partner of Üsküdar University, among its news sources in addition to the academic and expert staff of Üsküdar University.

It provides on-site follow-up of the work subject to many scientific, cultural, artistic and sportive news carried out within the university and reporting it as news in a photographic manner.

ÜNA, which carries out its activities with the principle of ‘News; it is to be there’ and always complies with the "Press Professional Principles", continues to meticulously execute its mission of announcing the events subject to the news to the public in an accurate and objective manner in accordance with the Fives Ws and How rule. Continuing its publication life with different broadcasting principles in Türkiye, Newspapers, TV and Internet sites include the ÜNA news in its channels by giving reference.