Healthy Spine


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Created at25 October 2021
Update20 March 2023
Healthy Spine

Ways to protect your spine

Alongside technical innovations and occurrence of new gadgets people around the world tend to spend their time sitting more. Incorrect posture is our new habit. We slump forward, slouch, while working at the computer; we push our head forward, while staring at the smartphone’s screen. Orthopaedic surgeons have noticed an increase in complaints with their patients concerning neck and back pain.

It is a well-known fact that poor sitting posture and a heavy schoolbag contributes to spinal conditions in children. There are several easy steps, which can prevent children and adults from back pain and maintain healthy spine. Physiotherapist Nihal Ozaras at NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital shares her medical opinion on this topic.

Vertebrae’s role  

“When we talk about spine we mean 33 interlocked bones that form a spinal column, they are called vertebrae. The vertebrae can be divided into the following regions: cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral (coccyx),” said the doctor. Inside the vertebrae there is one of the most pivotal nervous system organs – a spinal cord. Numerous nerve roots exit the vertebrae and run throughout the body. Their main function is not limited to movement performance, but also include control over bladder and bowel sphincter muscles.

Vulnerable zone

During the day we make many movements and change our head’s, arms’ and legs’ positions, we lean back, push our head forward, turn right and left. Therefore, cervical region of our vertebrae is the most fragile, delicate and vulnerable zone of the spine. Those who tend to spend much time sitting or standing are more likely to develop degenerative spine conditions. Poor incorrect posture is the key factor in developing scoliosis and other spine problems.   

Muscles matter.

Врач-физиотерапевт Нихаль Озарас делает акцент на том, что позвоночник является несущим элементом скелета человека, его роль в жизни человека огромна, поэтому так важно сохранить здоровье спины. Доктор выделила несколько главных пунктов, соблюдение которых поможет сохранить здоровье спины и избежать дегенеративных заболеваний позвоночника:

Physical therapist Nihal Ozaras stresses the fact that vertebrae together with joints, ligaments, nerves and cushioning disks are the central structure of our skeleton. Therefore, its well-being should be of our priority to maintain a high quality of our lives. Follow several guidelines to achieve good posture. It may need some effort and perseverance, though it is not difficult at all. 

  • Observe your posture and identify an incorrect one (while sitting, standing, bending, stooping, lying down).
  • Add strain to your back muscles, do physical excesses.
  • Avoid staying inactive throughout the day, change your position (when sitting it is best to stand up, stretch, move around regularly).
  • Avoid sharp turns by your neck, back, it is better to switch your feet.

A phone matter

  • While using your smartphone, place its screen right in front of your eyes, and try not to lean forward.
  • While carrying heavy things, avoid using one hand or one side of your body, share the weight equally.
  • Avoid bending and stooping while taking heavy things from ground.
  • Be sure that your workplace is in alignment with principles of ergonomics.

It is obvious that proper posture keeps all parts of our bodies balanced and supported, therefore, allows to maintain well-being of our spine.